The Low Chairs Family Addresses Misconceptions of Asian Seats

 - Apr 27, 2011
References: contemporist
When people make wrong assumptions or misconceive certain elements of groups of people, it perpetuates a narrow-mindedness that is often hard to break. The Low Chairs Family attempts to do just that, however. A collection of low-rise furniture, it addresses the popular misconception that Asians prefer low and crouching positions, something that is actually not the case.

Created by Serbian designer Jovana Bogdanovic, the Low Chairs Family was inspired by Bogdanovic's new living and working situation in Hangzhou, China. Since her exposure to this culture has taken on a new meaning, she has seen first-hand how the Chinese interact with their furniture. The Low Chairs Family is Bogdanovic's genteel response to the stereotype, which she herself believed before living in China.