Love Life, Stop Aids Campaign

 - Apr 21, 2008
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The cheeky and eye-catching "Love Life Stop Aids" campaign by the Federal Health Office and the Swiss Aids Federation illustrates that you always need to have condoms, even astronauts on Mars!

The motivation behind the campaign is a recent study by the St Gallen University Hospital which found that 12% of people who had recently contracted the HIV virus had done so on a business trip or on a foreign holiday. Thus, the campaign aims to encourage people to think ahead and always be prepared with condoms no matter where they go.

The print ads show couples having sex in numerous exotic and unusual locations where you would not normally have condoms: underwater scuba diving, hanging like Tarzan in the jungle, caving, and the aforementioned two astronauts going at it on Mars.

Visit the "Love Life Stop Aids" campaign's interactive website for more information and media.

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