Lora Zombie Portrays Wonder Woman as a Childish and Silly Brat

 - Jun 6, 2012
References: lorazombie & lacarpa.tumblr
Wonder Woman can't be serious all the time as proven by artist Lora Zombie. The talented painter uses a combination of dripping water colors and detailed illustrations to create a series of portraits that demonstrates the super heroine's childish nature.

Crossing her eyes, sticking out her tongue and grinning, Wonder Woman seems far removed from the virtuous limelight that a hero is often placed in. It isn't clear whether she's taunting her enemies or making obscene gestures towards her fans but one thing's for sure, Wonder Woman doesn't care.

Lora Zombie's artwork often involves the depiction of super heroes in a way that defies their common representation. Silhouetted figures, cape crusading vigilantes, defenders of peace and justice -- you will find none of those here. It's the other aspect of the heroes that Lora explores; the more human, prone to temptation side that makes a connection between people and heroes more tangible.