Lora Piana Uses Lotus Flower Fiber to Design a $5,600 Jacket

 - Nov 8, 2010
References: online.wsj & bornrich.org
Italian fashion company Lora Piana is well-known for their use of rare and highly expensive fabrics and now their Lotus flower fibre jacket can be added their increasing fame. Literally made from the fibres found within the Lotus flower, the luscious fabrics blend together and resemble a fusion of linen and silk.

Due to the delicacy of each fibre, the jackets must be weaved within 24 hours o the fibres will deteriorate. Priced at $5,600, Lora Piana hopes to sell approximately 20 lotus flower fabric jackets by Christmas this year.

Check ou the video and gallery learn more about the exotic Lora Piana lotus flower jacket.