London Advertisements Targeted By Serial Ad Decapitator

 - Jan 18, 2008
References: flickr & theverychronicles.blogspot
Londoners are waking up to a disturbing sight of decapitated men and women on advertisements throughout the streets. This is no serial killer, rather the dark and provocative work of street artist and culture jammer aptly named The Decapitator. People featured in billboard and bus stop adverts have had their heads covertly removed, leaving nothing but a bloody stump in place of their head. By carefully placing an image of the doctored head area of the model, the artist leaves the viewer none the wiser to his subversive act, leaving them to ponder if his targeted company really had included a headless model in their ad campaign. The Decapitator continues to post his horrific works on his FLIKR account with the latest series updated only a few days ago, and appears to be something that will continue.

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