Logitech Professional Presenters Make Public Speaking Easy

 - Jul 8, 2011
References: logitech & industrialdesignserved
It is a well-known fact that an irrational fear public speaking grips a great portion of the population, but it may be that gadgets like these Logitech Professional Presenters will be the difference between nerves and assertiveness.

The R400 and the R800 were both conceived by industrial designer Eric Fields, who likens this phobia of making speeches with peoples' anxiety regarding death. But according to him, what apprehension a speaker may inevitably experience can be softened by having a handy device that will reliably ensure that your talk goes smoothly.

Both models of the handheld have first of all been sculpted to take a graspable ergonomic form, making your shaking hands less likely to fumble. Big tactile buttons offer functions for navigating Microsoft PowerPoint slideshows and activating the laser pointer, and a convenient detachable USB drive communicates your commands to the computer from both of these Logitech Professional Presenters.