Sky Ferreira Posed for the L'Officiel Paris April 2014 Issue

The L'Officiel Paris April 2014 Issue includes a little more edge than previous issues. It features the notorious badass indie rocker Skye Ferreira. Even though she is always edgy, she looks extra tough with her choppy black locks in the photos. Her "I don't care" attitude is blatant as she is pictured posing with little to no facial expression.

The majority of her lackadaisical poses included her tilting her chin in the air and placing her hands on her hips as if she is unamused. Of course, in the others, she is donning a musician's staple garment: a leather jacket.

Photographer Alexei HaySome shot the editorial and he made sure some portrait shots were included of Skye. The up-close photos show that she is wearing minimal makeup -- possibly only Chapstick. Her dark and thick brows, accompanying her big, darkly pigmented eyes, are the focus points of the portraits.