Local Harvest

 - Jun 18, 2008
References: localharvest.org & hyperexperience
Locavores - people who prefer to eat locally grown and produced food now have a great web resource to help them find the nearest farms and farmers' markets for fresh, tastier and more nutritious foods. Local Harvests has a map which shows the locations. They also offers an online service to order any food from a specific producer.

Selecting local produce, whether organic or not, is an increasingly attractive alternative to industrial scale food processing and distribution systems for it offers the consumer a chance to choose how their food is produced and a say in the quality of the food they buy.

Local food buys are fresher than anything you get at the local supermarket because it comes directly from the producer and hasn't been spending time in a distribution warehouse. Buying local produce can also reduce the amount of energy used simply to move food around the country.

There is only one problem with this website - it only covers the US. Lucky them.