Artist Liz Orton Merges the Past and the Present into One

 - Feb 24, 2013
References: lizorton & mymodernmet
In an interesting twist to the traditional way artists present scenic landscape portraits, artist Liz Orton takes a different route with her project entitled Deltiologies.

Rather then using a traditional square canvas, the pictures are collages of various scenic landscapes arranged in a spherical format. Different images of mountains and bodies of water are placed side by side in such a manner as to represent the world. The artist takes early twentieth-century photochroms and puts them together based on subject matter and then places them together to create new lands that are an anthology of the past and present.

As artist Liz Orton explains, she "takes as a starting point the idea that landscape is a representation, rather than a natural scene ‘out there’ in the world. Landscape is informed by histories of looking, and by cultural and visual narratives of nature."