The Liter of Light Campaign Illuminates Developing Worlds

 - Jul 28, 2011
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For people living in developing countries, or those rebuilding after a natural disaster, the Liter of Light campaign is now offering an alternative option for electricity that is both eco-friendly and life-changing. Using plastic water bottles, the project brings light to homes where electricity is neither available nor affordable. The bottles, filled with water and bleach, are placed in rooftops and absorb the sunlight to illuminate the interior of the home. Approximately 55 watts are distributed through a single bottle, making all the difference in the world to people who would normally be living in darkness.

The Liter of Light Solar Bottle Bulb was designed by students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has already been used in Brazil and Haiti. The project is now moving around Manila in the Philippines, giving light to less fortunate families. This is an amazing project that illuminates the poverty faced all over the world, and the brilliant solutions that are currently being developed.