Stiks Cosmetiks Favors Sharp Lines for Containers and Lipstick Shapes

 - Sep 5, 2015
References: stikscosmetiks & urbanoutfitters
When rolled out of a tube, most lipstick shapes include a slant for easy application. However, this harsh angle is usually balanced with a femininely curved tube and a softly sculpted lipstick shape—except for the ones from Stiks Cosmetiks.

Rather than favoring a cylindrical shape for the design of the container, these tubes play with sharp angles and rectangular forms. The sleek squared tube comes with a flip-top cap that allows for easy application and shows off the unique shape of the colorful lipstick inside.

Although the Stiks Cosmetiks come in unusual shapes, the brand produces colors like Nude, Cinnamon and Red that appeal to consumers who prefer to play it safe rather than take risks with bold cosmetic colors.