Bathing Suit Designs by Linda Loudermilk are Stylish and Eco-Friendly

 - Jul 22, 2011
References: lindaloudermilk
Linda Loudermilk is known for her fabulous, eco-friendly fashion designs and the showing of her two new bathing suit designs at Miami Swim 2012 Fashion Week are no exception. Linda Loudermilk has managed to create two very sultry and appealing swimsuits that are made using plant starch and that will entirely decompose under soil in only 180 days.

The two suits by Linda Loudermilk boast a sheeny, olive-green hue and are cut very dramatically. The swimsuit features barely-there coverage on the bottom while the two-piece offers plenty of protection and coverage for active swims.

Implications - As more and more of today's consumers begin to adapt to green lifestyles, it is imperative that businesses offer plenty of unique pieces to complement this adjustment. Businesses that offer a wide range of stylish, eco-friendly products will see large returns amongst today's eco-conscious industry.