The Warhawk is the First Curtiss Motorcycle After Its Rebranding

With only 35 units in production, Curtiss launches its extremely limited edition motorcycle design. The majestic Warhawk is a powerful vehicle with a top speed of 165 MPH. The intricately industrial design with hits of green on the fenders is the first machine that Curtiss has made in over 100 years.

The limited edition motorcycle boasts a five-speed gearbox and an aluminum frame. With "an air-cooled 220cc V-Twin"— an internal two-cylinder combustion engine that is arranged in a V shape, the Warhawk is an open acknowledgement to Glenn Curtiss, "the inventor of the first American V-Twin motorcycle."

The power of the engine, the intended rareness of on-the-road appearances and the rebirth of the iconic Curtiss brand are definitely the reasons why this limited edition motorcycle will sell out fast.

Photo Credits: Curtiss