The Lights A, B, C Encourage Creative Reapplications and DIY

 - Dec 11, 2013
References: gerhardtkellermann & design-milk
The designers of the Lights A, B, C strive to emphasize the versatility of so many furnishings and other objects, enabling them to fulfill unanticipated tasks. Gerhardt Kellermann and Ana Relvão were influenced by the big reflectors used by professional photographers and decided to reinvent them as effective household light fixtures.

But instead of providing ready-made products, the duo decided to encourage a Do It Yourself method. The three items come in kits that invite you to assemble a leaning light, a low floor lamp and a mountable wall light. These come with corresponding gold silver and white diffusing fabrics. The large circles become delightful lampshades for the Lights A, B, C, letting rays pass softly through to establish a subtle but effective form of illumination.