The FlexBright App Adjusts Your iPhone's Screen Colors In the Evening

 - Mar 9, 2016
References: & phonearena
FlexBright is a brand new light-filtering app that automatically adjusts your iPhone's screen color scheme in order to reduce the influence of blue light.

Exposure to blue light at night is known to hamper your sleep, which is why apps such as F.lux have been used on Android phones and computers to filter out blue light and swap it out for warmer light spectrums. Now, FlexBright brings the same light-filtering functionality to your iPhone for a price of $2.

There is growing awareness these days about the influence of blue light on sleep, something which is important to be aware of considering how much time we spend staring at our computers and smartphones. However, the FlexBright app now enables you to use your iPhone in bed and still enjoy a sound sleep.