'Light Columns' Redefines Art and Architecture

 - May 8, 2013
References: michaeljantzen & archinect
These photographs resemble something along the lines of Kaleidoscopic and Rorschach, both visually and definitively -- they incorporate a unique process of creation and serve a purpose that is more than just pleasing to the eye. In his new photo art series called 'Light Columns,' American artist Michael Jantzen redefines and innovates a genre of art.

Jantzen defines 'Light Columns' as structures built with light. The photos are symmetrical displays of lights that are captured in the dark. The photos are intentionally taken with a small digital camera. The artist moves the camera very quickly in the process of taking the snapshot, causing the colorful streaks to bleed into different shapes. These images are then duplicated, layered and edited on a computer to form the final product.

Michael Jantzen utilizes his educational background in both science and fine arts very well. He collaborates art with another industry sector of his passion, merging art with technology and engineering with the idea of sustainability in mind.

"My work has always evolved through extreme innovation as I strive to expose new thinking, primarily through the re-invention of the built environment," says Jantzen.