The LIFX+ Bulbs Emit Invisible Infrared Light for Enhanced Security

 - Oct 2, 2016
References: lifx & theverge
As smart homes become more common, smart light bulbs have advanced with them, and the new LIFX+ bulbs are akin to other smart bulbs in many ways. They offer 1,100 lumens of brightness, color control, and app connectivity. However, what sets the LIFX+ bulbs apart is what consumers can't see.

The LIFX+ bulbs are able to emit infrared light, which is light with a wavelength too low for the human eye to register. Though that means that the infrared emissions won't aid in the brightness of a lit room, the feature was included because of security cameras.

Security cameras that offer night vision are able to see in the dark by shining infrared light and using special sensor that can see the low wavelength emission. By filling houses with infrared, the LIFX+ bulbs increase the vision of security cameras.