Tim Ferriss' 15 Real-World Lifestyle Design Case Studies

 - Jan 2, 2010
References: fourhourworkweek
Tim Ferriss gave 72 hours for people to vote on Cold Remedy: 15 Real-World Lifestyle Design Case Studies on his blog.

"From Denmark to India, from college students to retirees, from yoga instructors to engineers, the stories poured in," he wrote oe video case studies. "Narrowing them down to finalists, even with several people, was excruciating."

The Real-World Lifestyle Design Case Studies include fellow Trend Hunter Dane Low who "used Facebook to get incredible press for Room to Read and build a school in Vietnam in the process," Ferriss wrote. "His approach is an incredible model for the future of giving back and karmic capitalism."

If you’d like to vote on your favourite Lifestyle Design Case Studies to help send one person on a roundtrip ticket anywhere in the world, you have until midnight on January 2 to do so.