The Life-Light Guide People to Safety in the Instance of Disaster

 - Nov 12, 2013
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Unless you have found yourself within an unfolding cataclysm on a grand scale, you have probably never considered what course of action you would follow under emergency circumstances. The Life-Light has been developed to assist absolutely everybody, based on the assumption that there would be inevitable chaos and confusion amidst catastrophe.

Whether it's a natural disaster or a human-caused calamity, this system would spring into action. Lee Jae Yong and Kim Pill Yoon envision compact solar paneled bands around lampposts and street lights that immediately inflate amidst urban urgency. Spaced about 50 meters apart from each other, the Life-Lights use their eco and self-sustaining power to glow neon green for great visibility. These function as signs to guide the public to shelters, and they're updated constantly to account for capacity and damage.