The Life Triangle Functions as a Marker, a Life Raft and a Capsule

 - Feb 11, 2013
References: whatsonjinan & tuvie
You'd feel pretty safe aboard any ship that might have a few of these Life Triangles on-board. The emergency rescue device can be used to perform three primary tasks that provide refuge for people in the water and call attention to the site of an accident.

Hu Sumei's project comprises four yellow triangles that have been made from durable waterproof material. They're attached together to form a much larger three-sided shape when opened flat, after having been automatically filled with air with the simple opening of its compact red case. Its floating tetrahedral form makes it impossible to capsize, so shipwreck victims can climb inside for safety. The Life Triangle life boat can accommodate groups when in open raft form, and functions as an illuminated buoy to attract assistance.