Marc Sommer Inverts the Expectations With Gravity Defying Composition

 - Nov 23, 2015
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Skilled photographer Marc Sommer's life photography takes a surrealist approach to daily surroundings by creating images that subvert the viewers expectations with visuals that suspend reality. The illustrations capture an inversion or sometimes a comical take on household objects, animals and landscapes with beautifully constructed sets.

Sommer's work gives a sense of whimsicality to mundane and everyday scenarios and settings as he captures scenes that initially might not make any sense. For example, his illustrations showcase a candle curved upside down but still lit, classical musicians playing music but covered in sheets of suffocating plastic, a bird crashing into a wall painted as a sky or a man looking through a pair of glasses secured onto a wall. Each of these illustrations offers a new perspective into the object in focus that is surreal, unexpected and fanciful.