These Libreria Norma Ads Feature Adam and Eve in the Modern World

 - Apr 25, 2013
References: librerianorma & adsoftheworld
If you're an avid reader as well as a concerned citizen of the environment, these Libreria Norma print ads will speak to you in more ways than one.

The ads all feature a different literary classic like 'Le Petit Prince,' 'Don Quijote' and even The Bible where the characters are trying to cope with the harmful effects of printing millions of copies of a book; Adam and Eve are surrounded by tree stubs while they cut down the very last full-grown one. The Libreria Norma campaign injects the concerns of environmental harm into the very storylines of the books they have in their e-book catalogue, creating a humorous series of advertisements that encourage readers to download the eco-friendly online version instead.

The Libreria Norma campaign offers a quick laugh concerning some of your favorite classic novel characters.