Trumotion 480 Hz LG Display for Flawless Action Films

 - Jan 3, 2009
References: engadget & hdtvmagazine
Are you ready to watch high speed car chases, sprinters running as fast as they can and action-packed movies on television--all without the blurriness experienced on most high-definition TVs?

LG has created the TruMotion 480Hz LG Display, a very impressive screen that allows the viewing of video at a refresh frame rate of 480 frames per second. Even most high-quality HD televisions have a refresh frame rate of around 240 frames per second.

One of the secrets of this incredible display's success is its backlight technology. The backlight of the display has been formulated to have a 4 ms response time which dramatically reduces motion blur while simultaneously cutting down on energy consumption.

This new piece of technology will greatly affect how presentations at large conventions, video stores, and gaming conventions will be shown to the mass public. See the Trumotion 480 Hz LG Display in action in the video above, but be prepared to mute the video if you're not into cheesy vocal electronic music.