41 Men Busted For Bathroom Sex

 - Aug 30, 2007
References: buffalonews
Have you ever been driven crazy by the obnoxious tapping of a fellow bathroom go-er in a public restroom? Chances are, he was trying to make a move on you. For those not in the know, tapping your feet is a discreet signal to those around that you're into gay sex. It's also what got 41 men arrested in an international airport bathroom over a four month period.

Undercover cops spent some time lurking in the stalls of a Minneapolis airport to nab the offenders.

"An undercover officer would take a seat in a stall. Soon another man would sit in the stall next door and start tapping his foot, perhaps moving it closer to the officer's. The officer would move his foot up and down slowly. The suspect might then extend his hand under the divider between the stalls, sometimes repeatedly."

"That would be enough to get the man busted," the Buffalo News reported, "For alleged lewd conduct in public restrooms."

The newspaper reported that "Foot-tapping was a signal used by people looking for sex. The reports said the department had received complaints from the public and made numerous arrests."

The 41 busted offenders "included airport and airline employees, an account executive with Revlon, an IT consultant for Ernst & Young, a 3M executive and a Lands End employee."