The Leo Villareal Cosmos Installation is an Amazing Illuminated Display

 - Oct 20, 2012
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Leo Villareal Cosmos is an art installation comprised of 12,000 LED diodes. It is wired to the ceiling of the Mallin Sculpture Court in the Johnson Museum of Art, which is located at the Cornell campus.

The extravagant lit ceiling took two years of planning to fine tune all of the credentials and carry out. It is a beautiful display of energy-efficient lights that glitter like a celestial view of the stars. The lights are able to form different patterns and shapes thanks to special software for the artist. Those going to the Mallin Sculpture Court at night are able to appreciate the beauty of the night and a breathtaking ceiling light show.

The Leo Villareal Cosmos became a reality with the help of architect Walter Smith and Lisa and Richard Baker who were the donors behind the project.