Lenneke Wispelwey Creates the 'Who Needs a Wooden House Anyway'

With the instructions to build something eco-friendly for a local design fair, Lenneke Wispelwey came up with this ceramic birdhouse fittingly titled 'Who Needs a Wooden House Anyway.'

The birdhouse of course moves far away from the traditional wooden materials used to construct something of this nature. Instead Lenneke Wispelwey focuses on moulding the ceramic material to be quite compact, but still comfortable for a bird to dwell in. She also uses a beautiful robin blue color, which blends well with the environment outside when hung from a tree or placed on the ground. At the top of the house she's added in a patterned section to give the item a distinct look, and one that exudes more elegance than most of the plain birdhouses on the market today.