Lenify Stretcher Reduces the Risk of Inflicting Additional Injuries

 - Feb 24, 2013
References: dannylinconcept & tuvie
There is a reason why you're not meant to move someone after he's been in an accident, yet this must be done in order to get the victim to a hospital. The Lenify Collapsible Emergency Stretcher was designed to disrupt the position of a patient's body as little as possible so that the only lifting done is carried out with a stiff support beneath him.

Danny Lin's concept divides the ambulance board into three sections, offering compact storage as a bonus. But the real purpose of these separate pieces is so that each can be easily slid under the person and finally snapped together. The Lenify Collapsible Emergency Stretcher maintains a rigidity once it's been assembled around the injured, incorporating a raised edge to reduce sliding.