The Legendary DSECTION Editorial Showcases Fighter-themed Fashions

Ysham Jackson and Dae Na star in the 'Legendary' editorial by photographer Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca. The edgy models sports a wardrobe of comfy bottoms, structured tops and Oriental-inspired outerwear pieces in this combative image series.

Gracing the latest instalment of DSECTION magazine, this martial-arts inspired editorial features fashion-forward pieces from Calvin Klein Collection that are showcased with the models' dynamic poses.

Channeling trained warriors, Ysham and Dae pull off a wide range of bold stances in a black-and-white image series that defies convention. The "Legendary" fashion story for DSECTION is a contemporary take on a traditional fighter’s uniform. The visually striking editorial shows off an athletic and masculine wardrobe that is infused with Oriental undertones and design details.