Leg Balm by Holika Holika Gives You Girl Group Legs

 - May 26, 2013
References: holikaholika.co.kr & holikaholika.co.kr
Trying to make your legs look like someone else's is completely normal, as apparent by Holika Holika's Star Icon Leg Balm. The marketing tactic here is to help transform your legs into those of South Korean girl group members.

The package reads: "This is the secret to having girl groups' shimmering legs." The balm comes with a puff that you use to coat your legs in pink and gold shimmer.

The explicit endorsement of having celebrity legs is quite a contrast from Dove's recent campaign which emphasizes loving your natural beauty. In Korea, the idea of beauty is so heavily intertwined with k-pop culture, teenage girls will easily fall for such blatant messages.