The Bon Appetit Lavender Shortbread Wreaths Reinterpret Christmas Desserts

 - Dec 20, 2014
References: bonappetit & bonappetit
The Bon Appetit magazine Lavender Shortbread Wreaths provide a culinary twist on a holiday classic. While buttery shortbreads are a favored snack at the December dessert table, the recipe has reinterpreted the traditional mixture with floral additions.

Recommended as a topping for these Lavender Shortbread Wreaths are dried cornflowers, douglas fir tips and hibiscus. The unusual garnishing tips give way to bright, festive colors, making for vibrant kitchen additions.

Paired with the Lavender Shortbread Wreaths post is an accompany step-by-step guide breaking down all of the steps involved in the production of these treats. As the guide is illustrated, readers of the publication will be able to follow each of the four simple steps with ease.