Laurent by Lambert & Fils is a Sculptural and Functional Fixture

 - May 17, 2016
References: lambertetfils & design-milk
Laurent by Lambert & Fils, a design firm based in Montreal, Canada, is a light fixture that may bring a few different things to mind. Whether that is the sun and moon or a pair of fruits, it's interesting to see how the dual spheres interact with each other in such a beautiful and sculptural way.

Peaking from behind a black metal screen, Laurent by Lambert & Fils hangs from the ceiling like a practical piece of art. People will appreciate not only its looks, but also its tilt slightly or dangle straight down depending on what a person likes. Either way, it's easily agreed upon that the design will elevate the look of any room instantly.

The duality of Laurent by Lambert & Fils is also seen in its gender-neutral aesthetic.