This Machine is Perfect for People Who Dread the Process of Doing Laundry

 - Jun 2, 2016
References: foldimate & gizmodo
While it is quite standard to see just two machines -- a washer and a dryer -- in a laundry room, this laundry-folding appliance aims to change that.

Entitled 'FoldiMate', the machine folds laundry once clothes have been washed and dried. It functions by having the owner clip clothes onto the designated exterior of the machine, and then one by one the machine folds these clothes. Not only does the machine fold clothes, it can also "steam, de-wrinkle and even soften" clothes with a fabric softener that the owner adds themselves. Working as quickly as ten seconds per garment, this machine can work much faster at folding laundry than most people.

While certainly not an essential item, this laundry folding machine would be perfect for large families that do not have the time or will to constantly wash, dry and manually fold clothes.