This Mattress by Latvian Design Studio is Both Stylish and Huggable

 - Mar 19, 2014
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Latvian Design Studio has created 'IMAGINE KID,' a mattress that can be rested on, used as a pillow, hugged like a soft toy or admired as a decorative object.

The product is large enough that a fairly large kid could easily recline on its soft surface to enjoy a restful slumber. The body of the product has large holes in which round pillows fit nicely. The pillows can be pulled out and used at any time. The embedding of the pillows gives the mattress a fancy look that makes it pleasing to the eye, while their compartment holes make for a fun climbing tube for little kids.

Latvian Design Studio describes the Imagine Kid as being like "a cell in which to nestle into and feel safe like in mum's bosom."