The Laszlo Note Watch was Designed for the Musically Minded

 - Sep 6, 2011
References: tokyoflash & tuvie
Plenty of people would consider themselves to be more visual than auditory, and quite unconventionally, the Laszlo Note Watch would appeal to the latter group. Instead of supporting a display of digital numbers or pivoting hands, this music-lover's time keeper presents the hour in written notes and chimes the corresponding pitch.

The eccentric accessory is about the same size and shape as a common chronograph but it differs greatly in the appearance of its dial. A strip of e-paper has been integrated as the face of the wristwatch, emitting a pair of bars with the impression of sheet music. The user can choose between treble clef and bass clef and must learn the numbers that match the tones played and displayed. The Laszlo Note Watch for TokyoFlash can easily become a means to practice your musical expertise.