Lasso Lamps Feature Kinked and Tangled Strips of Fluorescent LEDs

 - Mar 25, 2014
References: dookke & mocoloco
The Lasso Lamp certainly diverges from the convention of the tidy light fixture. A bare bulb, a smooth scone or even an elaborate (yet typically symmetrical) chandelier has nothing on these chaotic interior accents. German studio dookke:design has created a distinctive and visually exciting lampshade that serves to diffuse the intense light of the LED bulb into a tangled nest of polymer material.

Strips of acrylic were manipulated into all sorts of folds and twists and jumbled with others like it. The abstract mess of odd geometries is emphasized by the translucent yellow, orange or green tints to the resin that absorb, refract and reflect the light of the source in the center. No two knotted Lasso Lamps are alike, making their asymmetries especially intriguing.