Lamborghini Alar 777

 - Mar 15, 2007   Updated: May 4 2011
References: autoblog
The Lamborghini Alar 777, which is based on Diablo, is totally repulsive when it comes to its appearance. Having its hammerhead shark-like nose makes it a wierd-looking car, the ugliest part of the car is its back end that looks like a galactic alien. However, the Alar 777 has 700 horsepower and a maximum speed of 223 mph.

Implications - Often times, businesses come out with a concept design before they actually release a new product. This is often seen in the technology and automotive industries, as seen with the featured Lamborghini. People are able to respond to the images, and if the response is overwhelmingly negative, that business saved themselves a lot of money by not making the model first.