The Lady in the Manor by Karen Woo Stars an Educated Woman

The title of the Lady in the Manor photo series may have people thinking of medieval times in which the woman was left in charge of the household while the man was preoccupied with business and putting food on the table, but the look is something else entirely. Completely modern, it depicts today's woman in a more domestic light. Although, it might be more adequate to describe it as 'glamorously domestic.'

Lensed by photographer Karen Woo, The Lady in the Manor photo series stars Louisa Kitchin. Stylist Cecylia Kee reveals, "We wanted to capture a confident, modern and educated young lady. The lady is in charge of her entire household, so she must be very intelligent and certain of her abilities." It showcases designs from Melbourne labels such as Kathryn Beker and Hopeless Lingerie.