The Kurka Kiev Campaign Promotes GMO-Free Chicken

 - Jul 15, 2014
References: adeevee
Kurka Kiev, a local Ukrainian brand of chicken, focuses on circus freak ads in order to bring attention to how different they are from their competitors. Instead of using GMO chemicals and other unnatural supplements to help grow their chicken, which results in strange hybrids such as those starring in the circus freak ads, the brand uses traditional means to grow up natural and tasty.

Conceived and executed by NII, an ad agency based in Kyiv, Ukraine, the circus freak ads were art directed by Liza Vnukova with creative direction by Alexey Novikov. The creepy and details illustrations were drawn by Ivan Semesyuk, who happens to also be a local artist. One ad reads, "Try yourself a proper like organic cheecan--me!"