Konstantinos Pamporis Studies Love While Using Chairs

 - Dec 13, 2011
References: konstantinospamporis & mocoloco
In a world where relationships are harder to maintain because of reasons like globalization and multiple other distractions, artist Konstantinos Pamporis decided to study concepts like dependence by creating a furniture design titled ONE&ONE Chair. Each one of these chairs represent one side of the couple, and they are structured so that they depend on each other to stand on its feet.

The concept and the design are both creative and fascinating as they symbolically represent an issue that affects many in today's world. The artist explains the idea, "The elements that come with dependence are faith and risk. Because of that fact, one chair has only on one side a leg which makes it automatically dependent on the other one." In this case, the pink chair lacks one leg, and it's only when it stands next to the green one that it doesn't fall.

The ONE&ONE Chair by Konstantinos Pamporis shows that love is tricky thing, where people don't always find the support they struggle to find.