The Kokoon Headphones Use Sensors to Monitor Your Sleep Cycles

 - May 14, 2015
References: & gizmag
London-based startup Kokoon has developed a pair of headphones that are capable of tracking your brain's activity during sleep periods. This headphones are equipped with electroencephalography sensors that give you feedback on your sleep. They're also designed to me comfortable and non-invasive, and keep you snoozing away peacefully.

The EEG sensors monitor electrical signals bouncing around in the wearer's brain as they fall asleep, and then relay relevant data to a companion smartphone app. The system uses special algorithms to detect when the user is asleep, automatically lowering the volume and canceling out external noises so as to ensure they don't wake up again.

The Kokoon app also offers a sleep score and sorts different states of sleep into categories such as deep sleep, REM sleep, light sleep and wakefulness. While there are other sleep tracking apps out there, the integration of sleep tracking into headphones -- which can play your own music or a library of sleep-inducing sounds -- is what makes this product truly unique.