The 'knot(e)' Device by Matthieu Minguet Ties Together Sound and Visual

 - Jul 28, 2012
Interaction with handheld devices is done in a fantastically twisted way with the 'knot(e)' Device by Matthieu Minguet.

The device allows users to create sounds and patterns on a touchscreen, as if the rope attachment were a musical instrument. Each attachment is composed of various materials such as wooden cylinders, rubber rings and silicone tubes. The developed prototypes each produce different sounds and visualizations which can be joined to form entirely new compositions.

The moving of the rope attachment boosts visual and sound response when intersected. However, according to Creative Applications, "the absence of knots and curves restores the application to its original position."

The ability to manipulate a tactile object to generate sound and visual patterns is unprecedented in its user-friendly quality. Matthieu Minguet's application is technologically savvy whilst promoting creativity.