'Knifelinks' by Cool Material are Sneakily Sharp

These 'Knifelinks' being sold online by Cool Material are the ultimate in cutting-edge men's fashion. Truly sly in their cool factor, these cufflinks feature strategically hidden knives within their design.

Though not obvious upon seeing the accessories initially, these cufflinks are an intoxicating mix of intriguing and dangerous. Despite being less than ideal for venues with high security, these would be a great way to invoke a wearer's inner spy. The accessories act like somewhat of a wearable Swiss Army Knife and are unexpectedly multifunctional. Falling somewhere above the classification of a novelty item, these are a classy, but unconventionally creative take on menswear.

Certainly requiring a fair bit of caution on the part of the wearer, these alarming cufflinks would make for an awesome gift given the right recipient.