The 'Kiss the Boys' Crop Top Doesn't Play Around

The 'Kiss the Boys' crop top by Kult reveals that your lips offer the sweet, sweet embrace of death. Every girl's dream, am I right?

Instead of the original quote, "kiss the boys and make them cry," the shirt reads, "kiss the boys and make them die," bringing to mind Diablo Cody's cult film 'Jennifer's Body.' In the movie, Jennifer (played by Megan Fox) is a teen who -- spoiler alert -- is murdered by a desperate indie band hoping that a virgin sacrifice will bring them fame and fortune. Unfortunately, because Jennifer is not really a virgin, she is possessed by a demonic spirit that has a taste for blood -- boy's blood, to be specific.

This crop top is playful way to remind boys to be careful with your heart -- I wouldn't mess with cyanide lips, if I were you!