The 'King's Assembly' is a Mouse, Keyboard and Joystick All in One

 - Mar 17, 2014
References: kickstarter & maximumpc
'King's Assembly' is an ingenious computer peripheral -- still under development -- that combines a laser mouse, fill mechanical keyboard and analog joystick in one compact package. A contoured palm rest allows you to move your mouse cursor. The palm rest can be adjusted front-to-back, up-to-down and side-to-side in order to provide the position most comfortable relative to the keyboard and joystick thumb controls.

The joystick controls are used for vertical and horizontal scrolling movements usually controlled by a mouse wheel.

The keyboard includes 30 silent keys that provide good tactile feedback and are angled towards the user for comfortable access. Although a standard QWERTY layout is the default, other pre-programmed keyboard layouts are also available at the click of a button.