Tais Ties

 - Sep 28, 2008
References: tais-ties & jcreport
Tais Ties are for the dude that must wear a tie, but wants to make more of a statement than paisley or stripes.

The collection includes ‘Bill Killed,’ a blood-red silk number riddled with gunshot holes, ‘Tattoo,’ a colorful piece with various skin art images, and ‘Pinky’ the most classic version with the tip sharply cut off. The more discreet ‘Dirty Business’ is a classic black tie, but when revealed from a closed jacket, the tie sports a red tip. My favorite is ‘Seppuku,’ a tie that features a solid black background with fine white diagonal lines and tiny drips of blood at its edges.

Sanne Manders, the other half of the hip Japanese-Dutch design company says, "We want to make ties for people who don’t like wearing ties."

The ties are handmade with Italian silk, shipped in a wooden box/coffin and cost $150 each.