This Kickbike Hybrid Can Be Propelled by Both Leg and Hand Power

 - Sep 1, 2015
References: varibike & gizmag
This dual-mode transportation device from German bike brand Varibike combines both foot and hand motion to help propel its riders forward.

Calling itself the 'Kick-Varibike,' this scooter-style hybrid kickbike can be powered not only by kicking your foot off of the ground, but also by using your arms and hands to spin two cranks positioned near the front handlebars. The cranks are connected to a three-gear system attached to the kickbike's front tire, and are meant to mimic the feel of cross-country skiing or paddle-board style sports.

First debuting at the Eurobike 2015 international bike show, this kickbike design isn't Varibike's first attempt at constructing a hybrid cycle. Previously, the company debuted a hybrid model in 2013 that also included hand cranks, but more closely resembled a traditional bicycle complete with foot pedals.