The Kick Stopper Rotates Laterally for Improved Ergonomics in Use

 - Mar 4, 2014
References: & yankodesign
You can probably recall a few inconveniences about the common bolted-on door stopper, and many of these are avoided in the design of the Kick Stopper. Invented by Yootaek Jung, the contraption is intended for installation in the roughly the same part of the door, but the concept suggests that less hardware may be required, and less physical force to make it function.

The Kick Stopper is put into place against the floor with less resistance than you might expect from a simple stepping down motion. This causes the gizmo to pivot from a floor-parallel position to a perpendicular one. When the door no longer requires this wedge to keep it propped open, you can just tap the doorstop with your toe as if you're executing a tiny kick and it will snap back up with its curved bearings.