The Kartell Collection by Philippe Starck Pushes Tech Boundaries

 - Apr 16, 2013
References: starck & fastcodesign
Thin and lightweight, the Kartell Collection is filled with furniture designs that are as delicate and pretty as a new bloom. As timeless as any other creations made out of more traditionally refined materials such as wood and even metal, the Kartell Collection is meant to be passed down generation after generation. The designer states, "You’re not buying it for the next six months--you’re buying it for you, your son, and your grandson."

Created by Philippe Starck, the Kartell Collection pushes injection molded technology to new limits. He elaborates, "A monolithic injected sofa wasn’t possible one year ago." Made out of strong plastic polycarbonate, the furniture pieces have been modeled after traditional armchairs and tables, which a few additional flourishes. The Kartell Collection is comprised of a sofa, table and chairs.