The Kangoo Chair by Joindesign Conveniently Stores Conference Documents

 - Sep 27, 2011
References: mocoloco
The Kangoo Chair by Joindesign will replace your lap to become the most practical place to store documents while in a conference. This fantastic piece comes with a paper thin compartment integrated in the backrest to safely store all kinds of papers.

We all have faced the issue of not knowing where to put all the brochures, flyers, documents and papers given to us during a conference or presentation. For this reason, the Kangoo chair is designed to solve this issue with style and practicality. The concept is brilliant and useful.

The Kangoo chair boosts a beautiful minimalist shape and comes in four colors: red, black, grey and dark grey. To open the compartment, you simply pull at the little circular hole located in the backrest.

It’s always rewarding to encounter new designs that reshape the way we experience the world.