These Kalki'D Flower Pots Make Masonry Material Playful

 - Dec 11, 2013
References: kalkid
Materials such as cement are often considered to be too harsh to incite soft aesthetically derived pleasure, but products like these Kalki'D Flower Pots prove this reputation wrong. This collection of little planters has a perfect playfulness that's wonderfully light on the eyes.

The heavy concrete material maintains its discernible weight, its muted hue and the relative rigidity of its forms, but the designer has worked with its properties to mold lovely unexpected features. One set of three vases is complete with teeny-tiny steps that wind up around its walls while another planter takes the appearance of a fluted column base. The Kalki'D Flower Pots even delight with the more basic geometric shapes like cubes. My favorite is the sloped stony panel that's connected to a delicate glass vase.